Culture, Society, Rights, and Technologies

PILLAR 3: Culture, Society, Rights, and Technologies

Synergistic relationships between the three areas of scientific-disciplinary interest operating in this macro-area testify to the exponential growth of the impact value of collaborative research. It combines, in full agreement with European Union policies, studies aimed at sustainable development and scientific and technological innovation, with research aimed at social inclusiveness and shared values (democracy, justice and fundamental rights, protection of diversity, tangible and intangible assets, and creativity as a factor of development and socio-cultural integration). At the basis of this thematic and scientific focus area is the principle according to which the safety and prosperity of Europe and the entire  world cannot be guaranteed exclusively by technological means and by the progress of science, but require knowledge of people, of their history and culture, in a desired balance between individual safety, progress, and freedom.

Cluster 3.1: People, institutions, markets, inclusive societies, cultural heritage, creativity, smart cities and communities, mobility
Cluster 3.2: Big data, complex systems, advanced materials