Sustainable composites from sea waste

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Camerino 7 December 2023 - 9.00 - 13.15
Rectorate’s Conference Room
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09.00 Opening
Graziano Leoni Rector, Univ. Camerino

09.20 Sea Waste from Adriatic to Enhance Marine Composites - An International Project
Danilo Nikolic, Carlo Santulli, Cristiano Fragassa

09.40 The Use of Sea Waste in Composite Materials: A Review
Carlo Santulli Materials Science

10.00 Natural waste reuse - possibilities of recycling of Posidonia balls and mussel shells
Ana Pesic Marine Ecology

10.20 Introducing Sea Waste in Geopolymers and Concrete toward Sustainable Constructions
Eleonora Paris Geopolymers

10.40 Coffee Break

11.00 Chemical characterization of Posidonia Oceanica and Possibilities for Polymer inclusion
Serena Gabrielli Organic Chemistry

11.20 Modelling the Behaviors of Eco-Composites in Industrially Oriented Applications
Ana Pavlovic Machine Design

11.40 Natural fiber composites and Hybrid structures: an Experimental and Numerical investigation
for Automotive applications
Simonetta Boria Mathematics

12.00 Composite materials in constructing Electrical boats
Nikoleta Franovic Boat Manufacturing

12.20 Maritime Transport Decarbonization: Opportunities for the Adriatic Region
Danilo Nikolic Sustainability

12.40 Closing Discussion
David Vitali Dean of School of Science and Technology
Emanuele Tondi Vice Rector, Università di Camerino

13.15 Lunch