Fluctuations and Highly Non Linear Phenomena in Superfluids and Superconductors

Data evento
06/07/2022 - 08/07/2022

SuperFluctuations 2022
Padova Italy July 6-8, 2022
Università di Padova - Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia Galileo Galilei - Aula Magna Rostagni
Hybrid On-line and On-Site Conference

Main Topics
Fluctuations and BCS-BEC crossover: multicomponent and low dimensional systems,
spin-orbit coupling, FFLO states.
Novel Quantum Phenomena with Bose and Fermi Mixtures.
Highly nonlinear phenomena: Josephson effects, topological defects, vortex states.
Electron-hole and Excitonic superfluidity and supersolidity
Innovative numerical methods: Machine Learning, its synergies with QMC, and applications.
Quantum technologies and quantum devices based on novel quantum systems.

Scientific and Organizing Committee
Luca Dell'Anna and Luca Salasnich, University of Padova, Italy,
Andrea Perali, University of Camerino, Italy, and International MultiSuper Network
Yasutomo Uemura, Columbia University, New York, USA