Camerino Auditorium Benedetto XIII - Aula 1 - Colle Paradiso

20 April - 8 June, 2018
Tuesday 16-18 | Friday 10-14

3rd edition - Introductory course (part two) - 40 hours


The course, with a final test, is addressed to the Erasmus+ students and to the International Students enrolled at UNICAM and it is focuses on the development of the main abilities.
The admission to the final test is allowed  to the students who have attended at least the 70% of the course.Upon  decision of the University Schools, the achievement  of the final test could be recognised as free or additional credits. Lessons are for students who have a minimum knowledge of italian and for students who passed the exam of the previous editions.  

Per informazioni rivolgersi a | For information, contact
Rita Ortenzi - rita.ortenzi@unicam.it - 0737 404611 Elisabetta Gaspari - elisabetta.gaspari@unicam.it - 0737 404612