The Laboratory for Flavours and Metabolites is looking for highly motivated Master students (m/f), Code MS-AL-01

The Laboratory for Flavours and Metabolites researches and analyses food quality and plant health: with the aid of state-of-the-art analytical methods, it characterises and quantifies naturally occurring compounds in agricultural produce (apple, apple juice, grapes, wine, cheese, milk) and parts of plants (leaves, roots, wood).

Equipped with cuttingedge technology and instruments including high resolution mass spectrometers, the laboratory features the latest technical standards and makes a key contribution to the environmental and food sciences research projects at NOI Techpark, South Tyrol's new technology park at Bolzano/Bozen. Within the scope of our projects we offer the possibility to do master theses on the following topics:

• Project Heymilk: Optimisation of a GC-MS method for the quantification of cyclopropane fatty acids in milk.

• Project Dromytal: Characterisation of primary and secondary metabolites in different yeast strains using LC-qTOF and LC-MS.

For more information please visit our homepage or contact us by e-mail: (Peter Robatscher) or (Daniela Eisenstecken)

Work place: NOI Techpark Bolzano


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da Venerdì, 3 Maggio 2019 a Lunedì, 30 Settembre 2019


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