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International relations

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The University of Camerino has underwritten agreements with universities and institutions world wide making it possible for staff, researchers and students to participate in current exchange and research programmes.

The Office of Mobility and International Relationsoffers support and information to students on international mobility, on international cooperation and on the availability of European funds for research and education.

The Mobility sectorprovides students with information about the various opportunities abroad for study, in service training and professional training, taking responsability for general organization, monitoring and financial arrangements. In addition the Mobility sector provides a welcome to foreign students, both those enrolled on regular courses as well as those on exchange programmes with partners abroad.

The Relations sector concentrates on the international programmes of the European Union and and MIUR and organizes co-operation between the University and foreign institutions(Co-operation Agreement) ensuring the conventions of collaboration are adhered to. These provide incentives for the mobility of staff and researchers and offer them opportunities for teaching and research abroad.

The Office of Mobility and International Relations collaborates and initiates the organization of international events together with the Liason Office, with the International School of Advanced Studies and participation in the organization of the Summer Schools, with the aim of encouraging an international exchange that is ever more productive.

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