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XXIX International Seminar and Award for Architecture and Urban Culture

Restoration, reconstruction, reuse
New values for historical villages and cities
New spaces of relationship and sociality

Camerino University Auditorium July 31 - August 4, 2019


In a Country like Italy, rich in historical sedimentations, the relationship between contemporary architecture and pre-existences cannot be avoided.
On this theme, opposing tendencies have clashed: restoration, meant as closure to any possibility of intervention that is not of fixed and immutable conservation of the state of art, more rigid when referred to things distant in time and a tabula rasa, vice-versa, as an anxiety for novelty projects at any cost, often assimilated in an uncritical and superficial way by figurative orientations matured and motivated elsewhere.
Luckily there is the way of transformation as an opportunity for renewal and regeneration to new uses of artifacts, spaces and places of the past, in favor of the changing needs of contemporary society and, at the same time, of enhancing of the historical context and of the architecture contemporary in the dialectic relationship between ancient and new.

The study days will include sessions scheduled with short reports, communications and interdisciplinary discussions alternating with workshops in which all members can present their work and discuss various aspects of the proposed project. There will be an exhibition of work presented by the participants in the competition with a catalogue distributed among those attending the seminar.
On the final day, certificates of participation will be awarded and the prizes for SACU - CAMERINO 2019.
As always, the seminar will include the Camerino Festival of Architecture with art events, exhibitions and informal meetings. A monograph of the workshop will be published on Architettura e Città, Di Baio Editore.

How to attend the seminar
Students , researchers, teachers, professionals and practitioners interested in the topic can participate in the seminar. Participants will stay at university colleges at a cost of 25 € per night and 8 € per meal.
The application fee for the cost of the seminar is 80 €.
Application must be received by July 27, 2019.

Coupon online registration.

How to enter the competition 
Participation is optional and the competition is open only to the participants of the Camerino Seminar of Professionals or graduate and undergraduate students from Schools of Architecture and Engineering are eligible to participate.
Each participant can submit only one work. In case of teamwork the participation in the seminar of just on member of the group is sufficient.
Only unpublished projects, made from 2014 onwards, will be accepted and considered as valid. The subjects should be relevant to the proposed theme and should contain elements of innovative ideas, technologies and programs for a sustainable and quality architecture.

Required documentation
The submission of entries involves two distinct phases:

First phase: the application form and two files with the most relevant information on work/project must be submitted by 11th July 2019. The summary should consist of some illustrations and a short text (font Arial, body not less than 9) all clearly readable and reproducible typographically. This documentation should be contained in two files in JPG or PDF format, 300 DPI, each of size 18 x 26.7 cm h. In the header of the first folder the author/s and title of the work should be highlighted. Participants should also highlight the context in which the project experience was carried out (Institution or University, Year, Course, Thesis, Supervisor, …).

All the material will be collected and published in the catalogue distributed to the participants of the seminar.

Second phase: from Tuesday July 30, each participant will have an exhibition area of about cm 170x180h, where designs, tables, photographs and other material can be exhibit. Please note that only adhesive tape (removable) or hangers on rigid support are permitted. During the workshop participants will have the opportunity to briefly explain their work. For communication you should also prepare material for video projections.

Clarification requests can be sent by e-mail to

Awards - Committee
The Award SACU 2019 consists of a total of € 4,000, broken down as follows:

€ 1,500 - 1st prize
two ‘reimbursement’ of € 500
two mentions

Critics Award
€ 1,500

Ex-aequo awards are also envisaged.
All the awarded projects will be published in the ARCHITETTURAeCITTÀ magazine.

Works submitted will be selected by a vote expressed by the participants enrolled in the seminar and judged and awarded by a committee formed by:
the President of the National Council of Architects or his delegate
the President of the Association of Architects, Province of Macerata or his delegate
three professors from different Universities
The same committee also reserves the right to award the Critics Award among all the works presented.

Secretariat - Information

Giovanni Marucci architetto

tel. 0737 434795 - 333 100 3273

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